Summer Courses

Stone Laboratory, OSU’s Island Campus on Lake Erie, offers 25 college-credit science courses each summer for undergraduate and graduate students, advanced high school students, and educators. The best part is that each course gets you out in the field or on the lake, learning science up close from some of the country’s leading researchers. How’s that for hands on?

General Information

Stone Lab courses typically meet from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., though they sometimes go into the evening, depending on the course. There is usually only space for 16 students, so be sure to register before the deadline to give yourself the best shot at getting in.

All classes are subject to enrollment limits and availability of instructors. Courses that do not have the minimum number of students enrolled may be cancelled.

Students receive a letter grade after completing each course which is recorded as college credit and is part of the student’s permanent record at Ohio State University. Course credits are based on the Ohio State University semester credit system and are transferable to most colleges and universities. Audit and pass/non-pass options are not available.

All students need to acquire their books and/or supplies prior to the start of class. At the beginning of May a list of these are available on The Ohio State Marion Campus book store website at From the “Quicklinks” pull-down menu select “Bookstore”, then select “Find Your Textbooks.” Students have the option of purchasing from the Marion Campus bookstore and may order online or may stop by their store in person; call 740.725.6241 for hours of operation.

Course syllabi are available on each course description page, or you can get them from the Columbus office.

A non-credit workshop option may be available for some courses. Those interested must have a high school degree and be at least 18 years old. Contact the Columbus office for costs and details.

Key for Department Abbreviations

Department or Program
KNSFHP: Kinesiology: Sports, Fitness, and Health Program
EEOB: Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
ENR: School of Environment and Natural Resources
ENTMLGY: Department of Entomology
EARTHSC: Department of Earth Sciences

Summer Courses

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