2014 Upper-Level Courses

Upper-level courses are designed for undergraduate and graduate students in biological sciences, education, and natural resources, as well as for biology and general science teachers. One-week courses are held Sunday through Saturday. Five-week courses are held three times per week, either Monday, Wednesday and Friday, or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. All courses typically meet from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., though many also meet in the evening.

Term Courses
EEOB 5420 Aquatic Ecosystems Ecology of Inland Waters  June 22 - July 26
ENR 5699 Current Topics in Environment and Engineering  June 19 - August 7
EEOB 3410 Ecology  June 22 - July 26
EEOB 3310 Evolution  June 22 - July 26
EEOB 5940 Field Zoology  June 22 - July 26
EEOB 5930 Ichthyology  June 22 - July 26
Weekly Courses
EEOB 5910 Field Herpetology  June 15 - June 21
EEOB 4950 Field Ecology  July 27 - August 2
ENR 5194 Group Studies: Climate and Sustainability  August 3 - August 9
EEOB 5210 Spider Biology *Cancelled*  August 3 - August 9
Other Courses
EEOB 5970 Larval Fish Identification Workshop  June 29
EEOB 5950 Algae Identification Workshop  August 11 - August 12
EEOB 3189 Field Course: Environmental Science on the Flagship "Brig Niagara"  June 10 - July 4
Department or Program
KNSFHP: Kinesiology: Sports, Fitness, and Health Program
EEOB: Department of Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
ENR: School of Environment and Natural Resources
ENTMLGY: Department of Entomology
EARTHSC: Department of Earth Sciences

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At the 5000 and 6000 levels, courses normally require at least 12 semester-credit hours of biological sciences. Prerequisites are listed on the web page for each course and on the downloadable PDF course descriptions.

Additional Information

Individual Studies, Thesis Research, or Dissertation Research may be taken in addition to the regular course load.

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