Maps and Directions

Getting to Gibraltar Island is easy. Just make your way to the Bayview Office on South Bass Island from the mainland, and then we’ll get you to Gibraltar Island on an Ohio State University boat. Step-by-step instructions are detailed below and are available for download at the bottom of this page.

Step 1: Getting to Put-In-Bay (South Bass Island)

Take either The Miller Boat Line (for vehicles and passengers) or the Jet Express Ferry (for pedestrian passengers only) to get to South Bass Island. Use the map below to get directions to the ferry docks or visit the Miller Ferry Boat or Jet Express directions pages.

Step 2: Checking in at the Bayview Office

After arriving at either ferry dock on South Bass Island, groups may arrange to take a bus to the Bayview Office. Individuals can take a taxi, rent a bicycle, or walk. Here is how to arrive at the Bayview Office from the ferry docks.

From Miller Dock (Approx. 3 mile)

From Jet Express Dock (Approx. 1 mile)

Step 3: Getting to Gibraltar Island and Stone Laboratory

After checking in at Bayview Office, boat transportation to Gibraltar Island will be arranged by the field station staff. Contact the Stone Laboratory Field Station for specific travel arrangements.

Download These Directions: