Field Trips and Workshops

For nearly 30 years, Stone Lab’s Aquatic Science Field Trip Program has given students in grades 5-12 an opportunity to become Lake Erie scientists for a day. Participants venture out on a research vessel, peer through microscopes, and dissect fish as they get out in the field to experience the natural world. One-day trips can be scheduled depending on chosen activities. Two-day trips can also be scheduled and include an overnight stay in the island dormitory. All field trips, no matter the length, can accommodate up to 75 people. Get more Island Tour information.

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Island Tours

One– to two–hour historical and scientific tours can be arranged for any group. The experience includes looks at Cooke Castle, Perry’s Lookout, the island’s glacial grooves, and the Stone Laboratory classroom building, where participants learn about current research and take part in brief activities, as well as the Aquatic Visitors Center, a former State Fish Hatchery.

Field Trips and Tours

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